About Filthy Casuals

Filthy Casuals is a World of Warcraft guild playing on the Shandris/Bronzebeard merged realm cluster. We are an Alliance raiding guild which provides an atmosphere of maturity, commitment, and excellence without making raiding a full-time job.

Our members are largely casual players who want to experience the content the game provides, while not having to pour all their free time into it. As such, our raid schedule allots only two to three days of raiding a week for a few hours at a time. While we expect our players to understand their class/role, we also understand that people's play styles and ability's vary. Also, while the guild expects raid progression, players can rest assured that their fellow raiders (and leaders) will not scream and yell in vent over wipes. Members are generally expected to behave in a mature, adult manner (both publicly and privately).

Filthy Casuals focuses on normal and heroic cross-realm raiding. As such, our guild uses the personal loot option for loot distribution. Raid members are encouraged to pass around any items they may not be able to use to other members of the group. Recruiting is largely done by the Raid Leaders based on their own degree of need, although the Officer Corps and Guildmaster are active in working with the Raid Leaders in this capacity.

The raid team is never tailored to handle specific boss fights outside of the existing players going offspec, and the same group of players (and their raid-main characters) have to figure out each boss fight on its own week to week. No one 'rides the bench'.

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